Photo Set: Fauvely, The Predictions, Born Days at the historic Empty Bottle

I will forward this with a simple fact: cameras HATE any lighting on the blue side of the color spectrum. Blue is my favorite color but when I have a camera in my hand, straight up FUCK blue. I know it’s moody and atmospheric, but really, would it kill you to have a fill light too? Come on, folks. Help me out, here.

Anyway, here’s me stepping out of my musical comfort zone and getting too drunk in the process. I went hog wild on some of these photos but, at the same time, I’m an artist and I can do whatever the hell I please so park your nonsense, pal.

There was some loner synth pop, some Simon and Garfunkel slowed down 200% indie rock and an EP release for a swelling, dynamic indie-pop group called Fauvely.

I guess that’s about it. Here’s some photos.

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